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SBG Litigation

The litigation team at Stachiw Bashir Green has established an excellent reputation for providing a successful, effective litigation service to our clients. Our team have extensive experience in resolving disputes and are widely recognised for getting results in all kinds of cases, from small claims to appeals to the Appeal Court.

Property, Land and Neighbour Disputes

Regrettably disputes sometimes arise with neighbours or co-owners of property and/or land.  For example, a dispute over a boundary, or planning, or extensions or other work; or a dispute between unmarried couples or family members.

When that happens you will need clear, sensible and cost-effective advice. SBG has the understanding and expertise to provide that advice. We have the experience of representing of clients in these cases in both the lower and appeal Courts.

You may have Before the Event Legal Insurance through Home Contents or Household Insurance Policies. Contact us for advice.

Professional Negligence

Our expertise means that we can recognise when professionals have fallen below the standards the law expects of them. We have a wealth of experience in pursuing cases against our clients’ previous professional advisers or representatives – for example Solicitors, Accountants, Surveyors or Architects – where the advice has fallen below an acceptable standard. We also advise on complaints to Professional and Regulatory bodies.

Consumer & Contract Disputes ​

When situations arise where the level of service provided or quality of goods supplied fall below an acceptable level SBG can provide cogent advice about what steps can be taken to enforce your rights,  whether that is through the Courts or to the Ombudsman pursuant to the Consumer Rights Act 2015. 

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Actions Against Public Authorities

SBG are of the view that in a democratic society it is of the utmost importance for the Government and the Instruments of the State to be held to account. We have substantial experience of doing so whether that is by way of Judicial Review, actions against the Police for Wrongful Arrest, or pursing a variety of claims against Local Authorities.

Debt Collection

It is often said in litigation that half the battle is obtaining a Judgment and the other half is recovering whatever sum is awarded.  Here at SBG we are aware of the importance to our clients of recovering monies that have either been awarded to them by the Court or are simply owed to them, in the quickest and most cost effective manner possible – whether that involves charging, third party or attachment of earnings orders, or bailiff or bankruptcy proceedings. 

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Contentious Probate

Sadly, sometimes there are disputes about inheritance – you may feel you have not been reasonably provided for in a loved one’s Will, or that someone is unfairly trying to claim against an estate…difficult situations can arise at times that are already difficult. We are here to help give clear, sound advice. With a busy Wills and Probate Department we have built up a wealth of experience in dealing with contentious probate cases be it pursuing or defending claims by dependents under the Inheritance Act 1975, advising upon the removal of Executors or disputes relating to the administration of Estates and Trusts.


At SBG we have experience in advising in relation to a host of insolvency issues, whether individual or corporate – from the service of statutory demands and the issue of bankruptcy petitions through to challenging Trustees in Bankruptcy and Receivers/Administrators and all related matters.

Adrian Green

Adrian Charles Green LLB (Hons)

The SBG litigation team is led by Adrian Green, a partner with over 25 years’ experience. He is reassuringly calm and incisive in all situations.

Sukhwinder Singh Riyait

Sukhwinder Singh Riyait LLB (Hons)

Sukhwinder Singh Riyait is a partner with over 20 years’ experience in litigation. Sukhwinder has a passion for getting justice for his clients and a keen eye for the strengths in his cases and the weaknesses in his opponents cases. This has helped him get results throughout his career.

Anthony Robertshaw

Anthony Robertshaw BA (Hons)

Anthony Robertshaw is a solicitor with more than 30 years’ litigation experience.